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 "Refer a friend" incompatible with SPF
Author: R.Odom   (20 Oct 07 2:33pm)
Just tried to send a referral from but got a bounce due to SPF. My domain's SPF record specifies IPs which may send e-mail for it, and has "-all" to disallow any others.

Because the "refer a friend" sets my address as the "From:" address, but it isn't sent from one of my servers, any site that does SPF checking should bounce it.

Adding a "Sender:" to be a address will probably cure this.


 Re: "Refer a friend" incompatible with SPF
Author: M.Prince   (23 Oct 07 1:17am)
Good catch.

We fixed this by adding a SENDER header to the refer-a-friend emails.

Thanks for pointing it out.

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