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 Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: M.Porte   (25 Sep 07 11:29am)

I am developing a plugin to easily integrate a honeypot on web sites. But the question would be applicable to any php CMS that would like to do the same thing I suppose.

My problem is that the current architecture of project honeypot makes you download a unique (and different) script for each new site, so an automatic installation is difficult to build and the user has to manually install the php script on his own (i.e. do ftp actions that he might not be comfortable with)

Is there any interface a plugin could use to download the base script (with the connection data and randomized legalize) automatically? and then link it with a particular user/site on at the activation stage?
or distribute the base script with the plugin but then fetch specific configuration/connection parameters from

I hope my request is clear ;)

 Re: Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: L.Holloway   (26 Sep 07 3:07am)
Clear enough! We will look into building an API to make activiation easier for CMSs.
 Re: Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: M.Katsma   (23 Oct 07 3:56pm)
As one of the core developers of Wikka Wiki I would be very interested in this as well!
 Re: Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: D.Gibbs   (5 Jan 08 1:04pm)
I'm working on a similar plug-in for Wordpress.
 Re: Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: J.Hess8   (15 Dec 09 4:34pm)
I'm interested in the same thing for ikiwiki.
 Re: Distributing HoneyPots as a php CMS plugin
Author: P.Poulain   (26 Aug 10 12:30pm)
I'm interested to for my company and personal CMS.

One other thing I'm looking too is how to report IP from comments our moderator mark as Spam. Is there any way to do it ?

I am totally noob to Honey Pot sorry if my question is already anwered

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