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 "142.11% of harvests result in messages"
Author: M.Nordhoff   (19 Jun 07 10:34am)
The IP Address Inspector page for ( says:

Harvester Results:
1,350 message(s) resulting from harvests
142.11% of harvests result in messages

Err? 142%?
 Re: "142.11% of harvests result in messages"
Author: J.Schippers   (19 Jun 07 11:38am)
If one harvest generates more than one message, percentages larger than 100 can occur.
 Re: "142.11% of harvests result in messages"
Author: M.Prince   (20 Jun 07 12:39pm)
It's a reporting glitch we're aware of and it's on the list of things to solve. The >100%s started to show up when we made a change that hands out multiple spamtrap addresses on each honey pot visit. Since we used to only hand out one address per visit, the accounting was easier. Now that we hand out several it's trickier. We'll get it worked out at some point. Until then, rest assured that the system is working... it's just reporting the results of that one stat a bit funny.

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