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 Pot errors with PHP under IIS
Author: M.Crane   (14 Jan 05 6:16am)
I'm trying to install a Pot under PHP 4.3.10 running on a Win 2000 box (IIS 5.whatever) and there are a number of errors that have shown up.

First off, PHP under IIS doesn't populate _SERVER["SERVER_ADDR"] or _SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] so I mod'ed the supplied pot to get around that (wrapped them in "isset"s just like HTTP_REFERER and HTTP_USER_AGENT). If there is a way to set these outside of the script, I'd like to hear about it....

Anyhow, once that was done, I managed to get it to tell me that I had modified the script and broken the hash (which I had...) but at the top of that page (above the Honey Pot crosshairs) I'm getting:

Notice: Undefined index: email in D:\web\files\postglacial.php on line 247

Notice: Undefined index: emailmethod in D:\web\files\postglacial.php on line 248

Which I'm going to guess isn't right. I'm not all that good with PHP yet (especially on Windows), so I can't provide a great deal of programming assistance but I'll provide all the help I can in getting the PHP script working under Windows and IIS.

URL: (and phpinfo.php is in there too)
 Re: Pot errors with PHP under IIS
Author: M.Crane   (14 Jan 05 6:49am)
Nothing like partially answering your own thread (some)... after setting the script back to default and fixing a DNS issue on the host machine, I managed to activate the pot.

I'm still getting errors at the top of pot when I go directly to it:-

Notice: Undefined index: SERVER_ADDR in D:\web\files\postglacial.php on line 196

Notice: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI in D:\web\files\postglacial.php on line 197

But otherwise the pot is working correctly.

Post Edited (14 Jan 05 6:23am)
 Re: Pot errors with PHP under IIS
Author: L.Holloway   (14 Jan 05 6:10pm)
Glad you got it working. Future versions of the PHP script will include those isset changes you mentioned above. Welcome to the Project.

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