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 Thoughts on creating a Drupal module
Author: W.Chick   (28 Apr 07 2:42pm)
Hi, folks!

For those who might not know, Drupal is a PHP content management system/framework used by hundreds of thousands of websites. I'm a developer for the project, and one of our users gave me an idea [] to create a Project Honey Pot module for Drupal, so it would be as simple as users checking a box in order to turn on a honey pot for their site. This could potentially greatly increase Project Honey Pot's reach.

However, in reading the source code, I see that in order to redistribute the client software, I need to disconnect the software from Project Honey Pot altogether, which seems less than ideal. :(

I'm curious of any of the developers would be willing to work with me on this? If I can't connect to Project Honey Pot, is there an alternate way for these sites to aggregate their findings back to you? (XML-RPC interface or something similar?)
 Re: Thoughts on creating a Drupal module
Author: M.Prince   (28 Apr 07 3:01pm)
If you create a Drupal module that automatically includes a honey pot and links to it on Drupal-powered sites, don't worry... we'll help you redistribute it and won't make you disconnect it from the Project Honey Pot service. We just need to maintain the integrity of the data which is why that provision is included. Contact us when you've got something and we'll make sure it is behaving correctly. If so, we'll add it as an option for people when they sign up to install a honey pot.

Thanks for your help!!!
 Re: Thoughts on creating a Drupal module
Author: M.Janssen   (29 Apr 07 3:24pm)
There is already a linking module (together with a http:BL implementation) for Drupal:

do not follow this link

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