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 "Replace QuickLink" Not Working
Author: M.Keating   (24 Apr 07 6:09pm)
My QuickLink points to a non-functioning honey pot. When I go to *Manage QuickLink* and *Test* the link, I get the following response: "Your QuickLink is not functioning. You may replace it with a new one, by _clicking here_."

When I click the *clicking here* link (or the *Replace* option in the "Your QuickLink" box), I do not get a new QuickLink. Rather, the same old one remains.

Is this a known glitch on the web site?


Post Edited (24 Apr 07 6:10pm)
 Re: "Replace QuickLink" Not Working
Author: M.Prince   (25 Apr 07 4:30am)
Yikes. Thanks for pointing it out. QuickLinks is brand new. Bound to be some bugs. You may win the prize for finding the first one. We'll look into it.
 Re: "Replace QuickLink" Not Working
Author: L.Holloway   (25 Apr 07 3:33pm)
Replacing should work now. I went ahead and removed your existing QL. Go ahead and give it another try. Thanks!

Post Edited (26 Apr 07 1:58pm)
 Re: "Replace QuickLink" Not Working
Author: M.Keating   (26 Apr 07 11:33am)
The new QL works. Thanks for taking care of it manually; I know things are especially busy right now.

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