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 Webmaster's Use of PHPot Data
Author: D.Leyh   (15 Nov 06 12:50pm)
I have been searching around this site and there are slogans that say "Stop spam before they get your address" and other similar phrases. But I can't see any information on how we can actually deny them access to our websites. We can lookup ipaddresses, but we can't have a script check them for us, and there isn't anywhere that we can download a list at.

I personally do not want to waste bandwith on harvesters and other useless bots that just take my money. I know that it would be a huge burden on the project to provide these services but you have all this precious information not being used to its full potential.
 Re: Webmaster's Use of PHPot Data
Author: M.Nordhoff   (16 Nov 06 1:27am)
They're planning on releasing an "HTTP:BL" blocklist (but I think it would use an Apache module). I dunno about a DNSBL or any other ways to access the data. *shrug*
 Re: Webmaster's Use of PHPot Data
Author: M.Prince   (29 Nov 06 12:24pm)
We're working on http:BL. Dave -- one of our engineers -- is furiously working on the Apache module to make it work. It looks like it will be extremely cool, and our internal tests have shown that stopping harvesters cuts down on spam load significantly. The Apache module will be released Open Source (under GPL) so hopefully people will improve upon it and also port it to IIS and other web servers. In addition to the Apache module, I think we'll also have some sort of bare-bones AJAX-based system to do http:BL lookups.

We're trying to find bandwidth in order to host the http:BL back end. If it takes off, I'm not sure that the datacenters where our servers are hosted can handle the additional traffic. Already, the main Project Honey Pot datacenter we're running at 90% of our allocation.

The basic service, at typical usage levels, will definitely be free for any Project Honey Pot members. We may have to charge high-traffic users (think Yahoo) in order to offset some costs, but hopefully we can make the service as widely available as possible.

Expect a major announcement sometime in January. If you're running Apache and would like to test the http:BL module during the very early beta stage, please let us know through the Contact Us form.

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