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 Some more new features...
Author: M.Prince   (30 Aug 06 2:05am)
Some more new features we just turned on....

You can now see the top Spam Servers and top Dictionary Attackers. You can also search on items like the User Agents, Subject Lines, or From lines by click on them from the IP Inspector pages.

If you've donated an MX, you can now look at all the spam servers that have targeted spam trap addresses created with your MX. To do so, login, go to the top Spam Servers page, and use the menu in the left-hand column to select the MX you'd like to see the spam servers for.

As with the new top Harvester page, you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the top Spam Servers or Dictionary Attackers for any search you run. So, for example, if you are a prosecutor in Canada, you can run a search for the Spam Server operating in Ontario, Canada and get regular updates on where spam from your jurisdiction is coming from.

Check it out. Let us know if you have other suggestions on how we can make the service more useful to you.


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