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 Status of honeypot??
Author: D.Gormley   (2 Jul 06 11:00pm)
Hey devs... I am really really interested in the thought of maybe a distributed database of active harvesters for me to be able to query and be able to deny access to my domains. I would be willing to help test this out if you need some help there..

Let me know..

I am actively involved in several domains with controlling spam and harvesters.


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 Re: Status of honeypot??
Author: M.Prince   (21 Jul 06 5:27pm)
We've talked about doing something like this with the HTTP:BL for some time. To date, our resources haven't allowed us to implement it. However, with our move to the new data center we should be able to turn on a number of features such as HTTP:BL. We'll send out an announcement to the participants of the Project as soon as we throw it online.

In the meantime, we're going to turn on a feature that allows anyone to look up an IP address and see if it appears in our service. While this will be limited to one-off checks for the time being, hopefully it will allow you to check suspicious IPs that you see in your logs.
 Re: Status of honeypot??
Author: M.Lange   (28 Mar 07 9:18pm)
Maybe some AJAX or XML-RPC calls or something?

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