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 Using own donated domains in Honeypot not working?
Author: D.Repia   (31 May 06 6:10am)
Hi there,

I'm trying to use only domains that I have donated on my Honeypots, and have set the relevant option in my Honeypot settings, but the e-mail addresses being generated are still from others domains. Am I doing something wrong?

 Re: Using own donated domains in Honeypot not working?
Author: M.Prince   (1 Jun 06 4:11am)
There are two likely possibilities, both of which will probably correct themselves:

1) Each installed honey pot caches a certain number of addresses it has to hand out. This is done so that every time the honey pot gets a hit we don't have to make an expensive database call on our end. The number of addresses cached varies depending on the traffic the honey pot gets. Honey pots are refilled as they run low of addresses. If you had your honey pot installed and activated before you set it to use your domain then it may be that you're still burning through the cache. Check back in a bit and, if this was the problem, it should start to hand out the addresses for your domain.

2) Newly donated domains go through a temporary holding period before they are included in the pool to be handed out. When you donate a domain, we first check to make sure that hte MX record is correctly pointing at our servers. If that check passes, the status of your domain will be listed as "active." However, there's really one more check that we do internally. After we make sure the MX is correctly setup, our systems watch for any mail coming off of the domain for a few days in order to make sure that it doesn't already receive messages which could pollute the Project's data. 95% of the time this sandbox period is cleared without a problem. If we do see mail already coming to the MX then we'll send you an email and give you instructions on other options. Only after the holding period is cleared is a domain put into circulation. If your MX donation is relatively new it could be that you're still in the midst of the holding period. Just as with issue #1, check back in a few days and your honey pot should begin handing out spamtrap addresses with your domain.

Sorry for any confusion.


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