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 Blank pages
Author: X.Guyaux   (29 May 06 7:22pm)

I tested my pages and I got blank pages.

Server problems.


 Re: Blank pages
Author: D.Repia   (30 May 06 11:25am)
Yeah, I'm getting the same thing too.. and so are other sites that have honeypots installed, so it's a Project Honeypot issue.
 Re: Blank pages
Author: N.Services   (30 May 06 2:17pm)
Definitely a problem, atm. It's throwing errors in the coldfusion scripts (no one bothered to add error handling, apparently).

I've added a try/catch, but the result is a blank page. Also, the CF code is pretty hideous.
 Re: Blank pages
Author: M.Mann2   (30 May 06 4:40pm)
Yeah, seems to be a problem with ProjectHoneypot. My PHP version shows up blank for me now, and the ASP version is throwing errors regarding "failed to download resource", connected to the "MICROSOFT.XMLHTTP" line -- trying to get: My guess is that script is broken now.
 Re: Blank pages
Author: N.Services   (30 May 06 5:51pm)
Seems to be working again, but adding try/catch around the errors "broke" the checksum stuff. I'm pretty sure that I'd rather get blank pages than variables not defined in ColdFusion.
 Re: Blank pages
Author: M.Prince   (1 Jun 06 4:19am)
Yeah, we had a few server problems but things should be back running as usual now.

Turns out the version of Linux we were running on one of our machines got a bit unhappy when a log file grew to 2GB in size. The pesky log in question wasn't a primary log so we weren't rotating it. Won't make that mistake again.

Anyway, that caused our servers not to respond back when the honey pots called in. When the server doesn't respond the honey pots are designed to just put up a blank page. (At least that's what they're supposed to do. I'll look into the ColdFusion and ASP lack of error handling. N.Services: mind if I contact you for help getting some better error handling in the CF version??)

It appears there were around 36 hours there when the honey pot network was down. I think it was our first system-wide outage since we began the project more than a year and a half ago, which is disappointing but was probably inevitable.

The log file issue is fixed. Our poor little servers are getting hammered these days causing a spate of minor problems. We're in the process of migrating the servers to a more robust platform, which should be complete in the next couple weeks. After we do, watch for a number of new features and improvements!

Sorry for the outage, but thanks everyone for letting us know there was trouble afoot.


Post Edited (1 Jun 06 3:23am)
 Re: Blank pages
Author: M.Prince   (1 Jun 06 4:20am)
PS - If you modified your script and it's not working anymore you can login to your account and download a new version. Should have you back up and running with just a few mouse clicks. Again, sorry for the trouble.

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