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 Terms of Use Link?
Author: T.Pavlic   (9 Nov 05 9:04am)
In the past, Unspam made available a terms of use at

that people could link to in their robots.txt as well as on their websites. The terms of use would state clearly that e-mail addresses should not be collected. However, now that link is broken.

Have these sample terms moved?
 Re: Terms of Use Link?
Author: M.Prince   (11 Dec 05 9:33pm)
The link is down, thanks for pointing it out. We had a server go *POOF* not too long ago. Unfortunately, that was the only place the linked page was living. I'll get a copy of the terms and put it back at the same URL shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for letting us know it is down.


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