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 Top 25 Targeting: website
Author: C.Dijkgraaf   (13 Mar 05 1:53pm)

This currently lists sightings for a harvester bot. Would it be possible to add another collumn that lists how many of those sightings were visits to that website? This would be usefull/interesting information for the website owner and it should add up to be a total (or subtotal if you have multiple sites) of the total on the home page of Harvester Visits to Your Site(s)

 Re: Top 25 Targeting: website
Author: M.Prince   (14 Mar 05 3:38pm)
Colin --
Let me talk with Lee and see if that's possible. I know it's possible for us to calculate that number, we just need to make sure that the process won't overwhelm the nightly caching system.


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