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 Notify Me ...
Author: C.Dijkgraaf   (7 Mar 05 9:24pm)

I've got my settings for Notify Me ... set to Every time I help identify a harvester.
Several days ago my site regisered 3 harevester visits and later on 8 harvester visits, however I haven't been notified once (looking at the targeting it is 5 and 4 visits from two IP addresses) Is this feature not yet switched on?

Thanks for your hard work

 Re: Notify Me ...
Author: M.Prince   (8 Mar 05 1:01am)
Colin --
The notifications are only sent out when your site or MX is the first to identify a harvester. After that initial identification, if a known harvester visits your site we don't send out a notification. Each day there are hundreds of visits to honey pots by known harvesters. Sending out notifications for all of those visits could become overwhelming.

The good news is that your honey pot appears to be functioning properly and helping track these known harvesters as they continue to move throughout the network. Over time it is inevitable that yours will be the first to catch a harvester and, when that happens, you'll get a notice.

One last thing should also be noted -- while the visits pages are updated several times a day, the notices of new harvesters caught are only sent out once a day. So it could happen that your hpot stats report a newly discovered harvester, but the notice hasn't gone out quite yet.

Sorry for the confusion.

 Re: Notify Me ...
Author: C.Dijkgraaf   (9 Mar 05 5:47pm)
Thanks for the clarification ;-)


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