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 MT XML-RPC Fault Codes
Author: R.Singel   (21 Feb 05 4:55pm)
I use an external blogging editor (Ecto) that links into to my MT installation via the XML-RPC.cgi script.

However, after installing the honeypot plug-in, the program is running into some serious errors. I use this program on two different machines, so I'm fairly confident the bug is not about the program.

When I contacted the software company, they said that something was returning an invalid fault code:

"XML-RPC spec states that the fault code must be
an integer but apparently one of your plug in (probably mthoneypot) is not
doing that. Instead it is probably returning some text that can't be
converted to integer. "

Can someone there check if and why MT Honeypot returns a (faulty) fault code when trying to publish to an MT blog using the xml-rpg.cgi script?

I have the <mthoneypot> tag inserted in my MT individual archive page.

Thanks -


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