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 Trapping more than just spambots
Author: J.Landrum   (13 Jun 06 1:50pm)
I've noticed a HUGE decrease in comment spam since installing a honeypot link near the comment area (as in, I haven't had ANY spam comments since then.) I'm obviously catching crapbots of all kinds.

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 Re: Trapping more than just spambots
Author: J.NIVARD   (23 Jul 06 5:41am)
I don't think it is linked with this project: it only helps to TRACK haversters & spammers, not to stop spam of any sort...
 Re: Trapping more than just spambots
Author: R.Monks2   (19 Sep 06 9:39am)
That, or your site is now blacklisted by spammers and they no longer crawl it.

 Re: Trapping more than just spambots
Author: J.Landrum   (25 Feb 07 12:21am)
No, it's definitely not blacklisted. I disguised the link as a "submit" button for the comment form. I've experimented with these links in numerous ways like this, and for a while was going "commando" on my blog: I didn't have any anti-spam plugins or solutions of any sort except for the faux submit button. It's kind of fun being out there like that knowing that they'll never get you. That is, of course, unless they write a bot specifically for your site.


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