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 Is this home-made spamtrap effective?
Author: R.Van Der Rijs   (11 Jun 06 5:16am)
Newbie question from the Netherlands:
Some time ago I made a spamtrap myself,
but I don't know the exact procedure how spambots are
operating. Are they looking at the page itself or
are they looking at the sourcecode of the page.
Here is my example;
If I look at the source I don't see any email adresses
but only the text below: (because I redirected the domain to my webspace
at my ISP's server.)
<html><head><title></title></head><frameset BORDER='0' frameborder='0' framespacing='0' rows='100%,*'>
<frame name='target' src=''>
<noframes> <body BGCOLOR='#FFFFFF'>
This page requires that your browser supports frames.
<BR>You can access the page without frames with this <a href=''>link</A>.
(Added later) I just found the answer in another threat, about
So I will reconstruct my page in the near future and add a 'real' honeypot to it.

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 Re: Is this home-made spamtrap effective?
Author: J.Landrum   (13 Jun 06 1:49pm)
Great idea! And thanks for helping the cause.


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