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 A little TOO quiet out there....
Author: C.Pettinger   (4 Sep 05 10:33pm)
Is it just me or have things been getting more quiet for the past few months? I haven't had anyone stumble into my wpoison traps and garbage links in about 6 months. The only thing I see hit my PHP page are MSN, Yahoo and the like.

Is this just me? Have the spambots become smarter or have they moved on to a new methodology?
 Re: A little TOO quiet out there....
Author: S.Enbom   (4 Sep 06 1:03pm)
So quiet on this forum that there's 365 days between your message and my reply.

But as for spambots on my main site; I get tons of them, most with the browser agent Java.

Many end up in a spamtrap.

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