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 tracking harvesters on homepage
Author: W.Van Der Beke   (28 Apr 05 1:01pm)
Currently this honeypot thingie is not detecting harvesters on a root-page ( ). Only when the harvester bot goes digging into the links, it gets reported.
From my statistics, I see that only/mostly the root-page is requested. It does not dig deeper.

Would it be a solution to work with an include/apache mod/jsp-iclude that is processing also this root-page.

I'm just a starter, so forgive me if I'm wrong.
 Re: tracking harvesters on homepage
Author: P.Hosting   (29 Jul 05 10:59pm)
Are you running the domain as a honeypot (e.g. you have the honeypot as index.php in your public_html directory)?

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