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 Can I see all of the IPs?
Author: M.Healan   (13 Mar 05 6:34pm)
Is there a way to see all of the IPs caught harvesting addresses on my sites instead of just 25? I'd like to start blocking those addresses from the site.

Also, is there a way to see *all* of the IPs being caught by this project?
 Re: Can I see all of the IPs?
Author: M.Prince   (14 Mar 05 4:03pm)
For a long time we didn't have any honey pots that had more than 25 visits from harvesters. Now there are several. I'd like to allow you to have access to all the harvesters who have visited your own site. The only technical issue involves how we cache the data. We just need to make sure that as sites grow, if we include every harvester hit, we won't overwhelm our caching system. I'll talk with some of the other developers and see what's best.

In terms of the global list, we've talked with some of the law enforcement folks we hope will use our data. They're worried that if we make the entire list of harvesters available in clear text then it could compromise their cases. We're working on a solution for the http:BL service we'll be opening up soon. That service will allow you to block access to the IPs of known harvesters on your website. We'll probably publish hashes of the IPs rather than the IPs themselves in order to ensure we don't compromise any legal action. But that should still allow you to hash the IP of a visitor, compare it against the http:BL list, and, if there's a match, deny access or whatever.

I think that the data feed for the http:BL should begin within the month. We hope that 3rd party and open source developers will jump on it and make as many cool applications as possible. It'll be free to anyone who is an active member of the Project!

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