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 Issue with human comment spammer
Author: V.Romero2   (26 Nov 18 2:03pm)
We are getting a lot of spam on our contact form but so far nothing is showing up as being caught by us in the stats for the form in the honeypot 'hidden form page' I have a link to the page on every single page on our site for bots to find. But what about the human manual entries! They are actually posting the spam by hand, as far as we can tell. We have proof your human question and they answer this fine. So could not possibily by a bot. Any suggestions ? I am storing all contact form information in a database now with IP and other stuff that may be useful somehow. I do report most of them and comment here my findings when there are more than a handful from the same IP. They are posting three or so with a minutes or so gap between each one. Then nothing for days then it starts again.

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