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 My IP's whitelisting got delayed until May next year. What's up with it?
Author: H.Garcia6   (25 Jan 18 10:02pm)
Hello, since I moved and got a new internet connection from an independent, local government controlled ISP, I've been asked by Cloudflare to fill up a captcha which is strikingly as odd because I never got to experience that with my previous ISP in the previous city prior to our move to this one. This is the first time I experienced such a hitch and I thought it'll be minor. Both for months and months, the problem keeps reoccuring and I am asking for whitelisting time and again because AFAIK, people here at home are only visiting websites that we're frequently staying at and this have been troubling me. Now I just found out that the IP I'm using is now going to be whitelisted to May next year even though I never did anything or went to any websites that are suspicious, I've always been visiting the same websites for years... What's up with this?! What should I do to prevent this from happening? It says that my IP is a "attacker" and a "spammer" when all I do is visit the usual websites that I've been visiting for years with our previous ISP. I really need your help on this one..

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