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 Do comments about an IP have any effect?
Author: D.Arrowsmith2   (25 Dec 13 8:06am)
When one notices a hacking attempt, inspects the IP via Project Honey Pot's web site, and then adds a comment about that IP on the HP page, does that comment have any effect on the HP list? If not, it doesn't seem very useful to comment.

If comments do affect the list, I'll be happy to continue to add comments with those malicious IPs.

I'm seeing a lot of WordPress attempted admin logins. AFAIK Honey Pot doesn't instrument for that. Maybe someone could consider HP setting up false WP sites and trap any admin logins.

Note that on my WP sites I already use the Limit Login Attempts plugin to trap the IPs and I use Bad Block Behavior (which uses the Honey Pot list) to block those IPs. But I also use the HP list on other sites and would like to have those malicious IPs blocked (automatically) from those sites.

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 Re: Do comments about an IP have any effect?
Author: H.ServerUpper   (26 Dec 13 5:03am)
I'm not sure comments have any affect on the HP, don't think so, but they really help me out. I leave them on IPs that are malicious and have no history. That way someone can decide whether to block it or not.

For instance this bot, - magpie-crawler, was hitting my server. I see magpie bots all the time. I blocked this one due to the multiple comments.

Sorry, I can't answer your other questions. I do know WP is a very attractive target. I don't use WP but my sites get scanned for it all the time.

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