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Author: M.Kraaijeveld   (24 Sep 13 10:44am)
Have any other users spotted a robot going by the name of meanpathbot know of their entire CIDR blocks?

UA "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; meanpathbot/1.0; +"

I've discovered this bot is not paying attention to robots.txt and attempting to spider sites, I could like to get all their CIDR blocks so we can block them without relying on their user-agent

 Re: meanpathbot
Author: ....Frank....   (26 Sep 13 12:45am)
I redirect this "meanpathbot" ip-addresses, one by one, to my HoneyPot.
So far i have these in my BlackList DataBase:

Post Edited (28 Sep 13 3:18am)
 Re: meanpathbot
Author: M.Otgaar   (30 Jan 14 11:33pm)
Try banning this range
( - Montreal OVH Hosting Services
Note: We ban this hosting service as we see way too much bad activity from their IP ranges
 Re: meanpathbot
Author: S.Spacres   (10 Sep 14 11:01pm)
i've also seen this annoying bot use these ip's recently..

i decided to redirect it (and many others) away from my website using wildcards.

do not follow this link

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