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 How can I view harvesters?
Author: S.K32   (19 Aug 11 7:51am)
I just installed the honeypot, but how can I view which harvesters it is actually picking up?
 Re: How can I view harvesters?
Author: J.Healy   (29 Oct 11 2:18pm)

It may take a while, but your landing page on the project honey pot will contain a section called "Harvesters You've Helped Catch". Any harvesters which have been identified from your site will appear here.
 Re: How can I view harvesters?
Author: S.Sytema   (22 Apr 13 5:02am)
No harvesters at all are caught on my site.
I am sure that harvesters visite my site.
How come?
 Re: How can I view harvesters?
Author: I.Veltmann   (30 Apr 13 6:29pm)
did you check if the harvesters visiting you are already known by any chance?
cause in that case you did not help catch them because they already had been caught ;)

 Re: How can I view harvesters?
Author: H.Master2   (2 May 13 6:41am)
Hi. From your landing page, in the "Harvesters You've Helped Catch:" box, follow the link beneath the list and play with the dropdown options.

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