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 Attacks on hpot.cgi
Author: H.User2096   (1 Apr 13 1:07pm)
Hi, all-

I'm getting heavy traffic on the file hpot.cgi - up to 200 hits a day. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and if they might have any idea what's going on.

 Re: Attacks on hpot.cgi
Author: H.User1325   (2 Apr 13 11:33am)
No I'm not seeing that traffic level on my honeypots.

Just of the top of my head, maybe someone identified that script name as a honeypot and they are trying to collect enough data to figure out how HP works to avoid HP or hack it.
 Re: Attacks on hpot.cgi
Author: H.User2096   (2 Apr 13 1:36pm)
Interestingly, it's coming from a whole variety of IPs - must be a botnet.
 Re: Attacks on hpot.cgi
Author: B.B26   (7 Jul 13 8:04pm)
Possibly a quicklink that was generated for another user using your honeypot'?
 Re: Attacks on hpot.cgi
Author: T.Schermerhorn   (24 Jul 13 2:07pm)
sounds more like quicklinks if it's a range of IPs

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