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 Attack attempt
Author: L.George   (1 Apr 13 10:25pm)
(First things first: I am a real noob. Yeah.)
A repeated attack attempt (for admin access) on my website was carried out from IP The Whois gives me a CIDR IP. How can I find the IP range? I would at least like to block this IP range from site access.
Thanks for the help.
 Re: Attack attempt
Author: N.Tanzil   (9 Sep 13 6:23pm)
 Re: Attack attempt
Author: T.Zickell   (24 Dec 13 1:06pm)
Use Sucuri cloud proxy firewall the price is the best and more power and many others services costing A lot more
 Re: Attack attempt
Author: H.ServerUpper   (24 Dec 13 9:42pm)
For finding IP ranges I really like Domain Tools. If you create an account you get to look up more IPs. You are limited to something like 10-15 without one. I have noticed on very rare occassions that their data may be off. They may have the wrong country but like I said it's very rare.

If I feel I have to double check something I either go to or Network Solutions (

Domain Tools is my favorite though.

The IP location for is Brazil Sao Paulo Data Center
owner: Data Center
They have 5 websites Here are 4: (
IP range

There are some bad players from Brazil hitting my server. Blocking a lot of them.

Edit: almost didn't catch that. You don't need the CIDR but the range. You can convert it here: -

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 Re: Attack attempt
Author: L.George   (3 Jun 14 12:03am)
Hi ServerUpper,
I had the good sense to check back here again. Thanks a lot. The range link was really helpful.

do not follow this link

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