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 Somebody's duplicated my testing site
Author: C.Brandt6   (21 Feb 13 1:43pm)


I've set up a Project Honeypot spam-trap for the http:BL module of Drupal 7 on my test website Recently, I've discovered that it has been duplicated by

Incidentally, seems to be some responsible Mexican online journal in Spanish, so I've filed an online complaint with their webmaster.

My question is: is this something to do with the Project Honeypot spam-trap, say to mislead it? Or, is it an ordinary case of content theft? Not that it is a live site, I'm merely testing here.


Chuck Brandt

 Re: Somebody's duplicated my testing site
Author: H.User1325   (22 Feb 13 1:20pm)
If the Mexican website can "see" the server side PHP scripts for you Drupal implementations you have bigger security issues than someone "duplicating" your code. Of course the same is true for if you can see their server side scripts, not just the resulting html sent to your browser.

If you search here or other websites interested in forum spam you will find there are several PHP implementations for checking poster's IP with http:BL and random installation of links to honeypots. There are also mods to check with other list, for example Stop Forum Spam.

IIRC (If I Read Correctly) Drupal is open source distributed under the GNU General Public Lic. and modifications and improvements are generally freely shared.

Although I am just a Project Honey Pot user, directly to your final question: Project Honey Pot does not, to my knowledge, control how anyone implements calls to http:BL on their website. They only care about the correctness of the call. Project Honey Pot spam traps are a different issue; The spam trap file must be installed as delivered without modification.

I don't think anyone here can/or will give you any legal advise concerning your clam of intellectual theft.
 Re: Somebody's duplicated my testing site
Author: C.Brandt6   (4 Mar 13 2:01am)
Thanks for your input [H.User1325].

Incidentally, after I lodged a complaint with the webmaster, the offending site was taken down.


Chuck Brandt


 Re: Somebody's duplicated my testing site
Author: B.Reka   (27 May 13 4:18am)
Project HoneyPot that I have here,work very well, I will to say that my screen has figure and voice. When I try to find IP addresse ,above a certain point, for the same IP apeared to my, a series of addresses,spamers,etc. My question is this: Can be (my address) at the same time in several different places? If so, and as it is happening, I can express myself so well: instead of( I am), I write (We are).

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