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Author: M.Kraaijeveld   (28 Jun 12 12:16pm)
Does anyone have a list of which I believe is a French ISP.

I've been getting spammed several times a day and the spam is always in French, I don't understand the spams and reporting them to spamcop doesn't seem to be doing anything.

Anyone have a list of ips, so I can blacklist their IP ranges?


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Author: E.Langheinrich   (28 Jun 12 2:38pm)
Have you tried contacting Ovh directly? If you look at their whois record it looks like they have direct contact info via email for people who work there.

Alternatively, post a couple of the IPs you've gotten messages from and we can get the ranges based on the associated ASNs.
Author: S.Sytema   (21 Apr 13 6:10am) is the same club Ithink
They are a pain in the ass
Author: J.Editor   (31 Dec 15 2:02am)
OVH also host to many IP addresses with the hated mj12bot, as do Hetzner in Germany...
Author: Bot Busters   (11 May 18 2:49pm)
I block everything OVH! Nothing But Problems!

Don't forget to Block OVH USA IP Ranges: 8.7.244

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