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 Comment spammers
Author: H.User1325   (16 May 12 9:30am)
A quick review of some of the comments left on one of the domains I deal with reveals a mixed bag.

1. A Whois of some of the domain linked in the comment, which has nothing to do with my website, identifies a domain hosted by GoDaddy. The email required to leave a comment is a address. Maybe just a miss guided business, but spam none the less.

2. A Whois of others reveal email and linked domains that do not appear to be valid. The links are presented in several formats:
< a href="">abcde< /a>
[ url=]defghi[ /url]
[ link=]jkmnop[ /link]
http:/ /

My guess is that the objective of these is to identify which format "displays" correctly on my website. Because our objective is to collect opinions of our friends about our programs or our website or ask questions, comments are not posted on the web.

(In all cases names are visually bogus).

Spammers are slow learners(?) so they continue. With a script I could of course collect the IP address of source of the spam. Am I missing something?

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