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 I tracked down a forum spammer.
Author: J.Burlison   (4 Jun 11 7:34pm)
I tracked down a forum spammer to New York. He gave me information while telling me a falsehood.

Here is the raw information then I will put it together. Let me know if this post is out of line please.

Here are the IP address they have used.

Email addresses used.

Glass Central Houston in Houston, TX | 2807 Old Spanish Trail ...
May 7, 2011 ... 2807 Old Spanish Trail. Houston , TX , 77054 USA.
29.69915, -95.385648. 281- 901-1603 ... Mobile, we come to you! Call
now: (281) 901-1603 ... - Cached

Humble Auto Glass Reviews - Find Auto Glass in Humble, TX
Tags: windshield repair houston. Glass Central Houston. , 1 Reviews.
52%. 2807 Old Spanish Trail, Suite B Houston,TX 77054 (281) 901-1603.
collapse window ... - Cached

Wondering if the glass company was doing this or if they where using a marketing company and doing this activity without their knowledge I called the number found on the website.

I asked the person if they knew what was going on. The person wanted to know why I was calling them and that he knew nothing about any glass company and that I caught him asleep.

I waited a day and called during day and told him I would be recording this. No objection was made. I explained what was going on and that I got the number off of the website. He told me that somehow the number was being forwarded, that that was not his number. He said he is a
pharmacist in New York City and that I was talking over his head. I can't talk over anyone's head when it comes to IT.

He wanted to know about the sites affected. We talked about taking this up with the phone company since the call was being forwarded to him. He wanted me to email me the information I had though he said he would not understand it and to tell him about the sites this was on.

I did think he was an innocent bystander at first. That for some reason sites where showing a number somehow being forwarded to him, that he was not computer literate to know what I was talking about. He is a victim in all of this. I emailed him the information I had then got curious. I Googled his email address and guess what I found?

He is a hacker.
Hacker News | Profile: knightinblue

created: 785 days ago. karma: 647. avg: 2.86. about: Furiously working on my startup. Contact - My top color is 0099ff. ... - Cached
Chaimex Classified - New York City

Apr 16, 2009 ... Looking for Adderall XR - please email if you have it; New Canon PowerShot SD870is. I probably shouldn't use someone ... › Classifieds - Cached
He flat out lied to me.
Looks like he was telling the truth about being in New York though.

Did he violate the disclosure rules on the Can Spam Laws?

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