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 Terrible spammer using my address
Author: I.Marcellino   (2 May 11 11:22pm)

I am being bugged by a terrible spammer, propably somewhere from Russia. The spammer is phishing for addresses through fake job propositions. An example:
If our job proposition is interesting for you inform us the required information:
- Full name
- Country
- City
- E-mail
- Mobile phone-number
Besides the spammer sends me about 4 emails a day, he/she is also using my email address. It's not my main address, but even so, it's not nice receiving daemon emails back with the message that I'm a spammer and the mail was rejected by the server.

Most reply mail addresses he/she uses are: et cetera ...

Does anyone know, what I should do about that? I'm a newbe and I will look into the services provided by HoneyPot, but I'd like to take some action towards the bugger using the spam he has already send me. You may contact me at that spam address [yes, the name says it]: animations - mailsign - maildump - dot - com.

Thanks for reading!
 Re: Terrible spammer using my address
Author: A.Degives Mas   (14 May 11 10:58pm)
Hi Igor, you might want to Google around for the term "joe-jobbing" i.e. having one's email address used without your consent or knowledge of course by spammers.

There's very little you can do about it in practical terms; the best thing is to make sure your email address service provider (the company hosting the email server) is SPF compliant - i.e. make sure that it does not accept email forwarded from any other mail server, so that email coming from it can be assumed to be really originating at that email server.

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