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 Collecting / sharing data on botnets in action
Author: A.Degives Mas   (20 Apr 11 4:00pm)
One of the sites I tend to is under a brute password attack, right now as I type - this is going on since about a day or so. I'm looking at it rolling on, in sheer amazement at the boneheaded persistence. Anyway, I'm not really worried; so I'm just logging each and every attempt, with the IP in question, an ISO 8601 compliant date / time stamp, query, and other such.

Since it's rather obviously a botnet, I thought it'd be nice to share the goods.

So here's The Question: any interest in the list once it's compiled, i.e. when the attackers give up in impatient exasperation over the solid concrete ocean they're running into?

I'd be happy to offer a Pastebin with the goods too. And just in case: no, I don't give a flying horse about "privacy" concerns over the IP addresses involved. Incompetent idiots who can't manage to run something as trivial as a security regime on a computer deserve to be exposed.
 Re: Collecting / sharing data on botnets in action
Author: A.Degives Mas   (21 Apr 11 1:58pm)
For the takers:

do not follow this link

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