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 How useful is this if it's too hard to report spamming IPs?
Author: F.Collingwood2   (6 Dec 10 2:58am)
I notice under my stats on my homepage the following entry:

"Comment spam posts to your site(s): 0"

Well, there could be two reasons for this:

1. I'm new to Project Honey Pot

But more likely:

2. There is no way of reporting comment spam posts other than via manual form post on this website, which I'm already tired of using.

So I can see it's useful for protecting against IP addresses already in the database, but I'm a little more aggressive when is comes to spam (Very hacked Coppermine installation that reports the posting to the abuse department of the ISP/Hosting company it originated from, the owner of the domain being spamvertised, and also the abuse department of the hosting company hosting the spamvertised domain).

At the moment, I'm finding http:BL somewhat useless, as all of the spam in the current wave (Originating from Backlinker from BHSeos - I know because they're bitching on the BHSeos forums about being dobbed in by my Coppermine installation) is coming from previously unknown addresses. There really needs to be a mechanism for reporting back.
 Re: How useful is this if it's too hard to report spamming IPs?
Author: H.User5729   (7 Jun 11 9:34pm)
I totally agree
 Re: How useful is this if it's too hard to report spamming IPs?
Author: M.User   (21 Sep 12 12:41am)
Agree, came here for looking this feature. We are hosting company and getting amount number of IP:s every day that are sending spam, trying hack passwords / sites, making dos and other nasty stuff.. Would like to share this information with others.
 Re: How useful is this if it's too hard to report spamming IPs?
Author: K.Morse   (13 Nov 12 12:27am)
I also don't see how to report comment spammers? I am successfully blocking several with http:BL but would still like to report those that get through.
 Re: How useful is this if it's too hard to report spamming IPs?
Author: M.Kraaijeveld   (24 Dec 12 1:30pm)
Any blacklisted IP on here has been blacklisted due to a suspect visit to a honeypot installed by yourself or another user, sending spam to an address on the honeypot page etc.

If they never visit a honeypot then their threat score will be 0 :-(

I'm not 100% sure what kind of problem your having, but we've had to use another site as well as having as many honeypots on this site as possible, in order to block automated signups to forums and spamming "contact us forms".

The site does allow users to report spammy signups and are also useful sites.

Don't forget you can also make a comment on any IP and there are about 5 people's names you will see time and time again, because they are keen to quickly make a note about spammers.

If you find any similar sites, do share them, as hopefully eventually, any spam bot activity will be pointless because they are blacklisted :-D

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