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 Some stats
Author: J.Ciasullo   (19 Aug 10 6:11pm)
I thought this would be interesting to share and to show that Project Honey Pot really works.

In the course of one year (08/09 - 08/10) Project Honey Pot has detected and prevented 3220 malicious IPs from spamming and harvesting on one of the sites I administrate a total of 9645 times.

In the course of that year only 3 spam bots were able to sneak by. Thanks to the honey pot installed on the site those 3 were only able to sign up to the site but were unable to make a post.
 Re: Some stats
Author: A.E4   (27 Nov 10 10:41pm)
Nice to see some positive stats with some new people saying that Project Honeypot is useless! :) I know I have caught a few myself through the honeypot and am happy to be able to help contribute to being a pain in spammers arses ;)
 Re: Some stats
Author: A.Support9   (11 Apr 11 2:04am)
This may be long after the previous posts, but the ProjectHoneypt database is one of the most valuable assets in our fight against spam. It recently blocked more than 1200 spambot visits in less than 36 hours at one domain. Imagine multiplying that over a year or across several domains and you will realize why the database is do valuable, and why we set as much spamtraps as possible.

Obviously you need an appropriate firewall with a local database as well, but we manage to block most spambots in less than 0.03 seconds when the server load is less than 15%. Almost 85% of blocked IPs are from the ProjectHoneypot database.

Well done ProjectHoneypot and members. Keep it up!
 Re: Some stats
Author: D.Szekely   (26 Nov 11 1:47am)
Can I add somehow/somewhere in the honeypot script an extra tracker code - like Google Analytics code - to show easily to my clients how many bad guys are reaching it?

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