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 Sharing malicious IP
Author: L.MacFly   (9 Feb 10 9:36am)
I am not a technical person, but I am analysing the person visiting my website.
We have found several malicious IPs hitting our website everyday for scraping. I can share those IPs with you but don't know where to share them?

Is there a sharing malicious IP list available?

 Re: Sharing malicious IP
Author: J.Brisebois   (13 Mar 10 1:54am)
Leave a comment by going to the home page, put the IP in the search query and when it comes up, scroll down to the bottom and put in your comments about it or use the direct URL access which is like this:

The IP sharing is done here: when you are logged in.

The biggest pests are the most recent and then just below it is links for "see complete list"
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 Re: Sharing malicious IP
Author: O.Sunglass   (9 Dec 11 10:41pm)

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