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 bing index
Author: L.King   (1 Feb 10 10:37am)
Just looking at tool that checks all the search engine results for a given domain. Among my domain's listing on bing is my honey pot!

Not to start a "Ford vs Chevy" war but I guess this follows Windows 'Program before thinking' approach to the world. Of course with lots of links to the hp it will get a high listing, unless someone thinks about it being a cgi-bin file. They don't list all the *.jpg files on domains.

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 Re: bing index
Author: D.Morgan4   (1 Feb 10 3:01pm)
As I have not seen and spammers check robots.txt yet on my machine, so I have got my HP Dissallowed: in it.

 Re: bing index
Author: L.King   (1 Feb 10 3:11pm)
Agree. I have the whole cgi-bin/ dissallowed. They may have gotten in between implementation and updating the robots.txt. There may have been a week long window.

Just put a smile on my face to see it.
 Re: bing index
Author: M.Prince   (5 Feb 10 1:56am)
Weird. We add a robots exclude meta tag at the top of all the honey pots. Not sure why BING ignores it. We'll check in with the people we know over there.
 Re: bing index
Author: L.King   (5 Feb 10 10:45am)
If you need details, be glad to provide them off line.

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