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 Address Munging
Author: P.Latulippe   (30 Dec 09 2:37pm)
Has anyone been feeding munged addresses (like "user at example dot com") to harvesters? I'm interested in seeing if this technique is still relevant today. The only information I could find was dated 2003.
 Re: Address Munging
Author: M.Prince   (10 Jan 10 8:10pm)
We've run tests on different munging techniques and find that they are still surprisingly effective. We have a page that has a set of differently munged addresses. The ones protected by Javascript have yet to receive a single message. Even simple things like using ASCII character encoding to hide the @ sign, or adding spaces to the addresses, is surprisingly effective at stopping harvesting.
 Re: Address Munging
Author: A.E4   (24 Feb 10 4:49pm)
Thank you. I had been wondering about this myself and have taken extra measures to be sure I don't get spammed since I used to not realize and had my email blatantly out there. I am glad the javascript I am using works! :)
 Re: Address Munging
Author: L.Perini   (2 Mar 10 4:10pm)
IF OPENNED,IT'S INFECTED. I have been alerted that its on many sites. My last name has changed but this is one stalking me for over 2 years...I have ignored it for so long.

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