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 Google IPs Listed
Author: C.Hall2   (20 Nov 09 10:26am)
Ongoing to my Unmask Parasites website issue:

The check back IP address for Unmask Parasites is This is listed as being owned by Google (it would make sense as this is part of Google's site malware detection system). is isted in ProjHP as everything from a comment spammer to a rule breaker.

For those using ProjHP and having our site checked by Unmask Parasites (Apps Google) then this is worrying as this throws a 403 and listes us as <suspicious> because of the smelly.php link.

 Re: Google IPs Listed
Author: M.Prince   (3 Jan 10 4:01pm)
Our search engine detection system constantly checks IPs in our database in order to see if they are owned by a known search engine. In the case of, the system detected that it was owned by Google and it has since been marked as a "Se" (search engine):

If you notice other IPs that are not picked up by our search engine detector, let us know. For this IP, the problem should be resolved.
 Re: Google IPs Listed
Author: A.Degives Mas   (20 Apr 11 4:09pm)
Sidenote: I'd be careful not giving Google (or any other large SE) a pass just because an IP happens to fall within their address space. I see a lot of poisoned search submissions used as a probe for certain features on my sites. Lately I'm seeing e.g. Google App Engine being added to the mix, which can be sorted out (i.e. blocked) on user agent. So, I'm actively hammering away Googlebots from my site if they request a non-canonical URI with a stern 403. Sadly it's not remedy for the fundamental problem, but at least Google is learning, so over time they'll get it right.

Bottom line, Google & Co shouldn't be whitelisted just because it's Google (or Yahoo or Bing or...) when they schlep in cruddy traffic.
 Re: Google IPs Listed
Author: S.SAUVAGE   (4 Aug 11 12:48pm)
I'm sorry but PH fails to properly mark google IPs as "SE".

I have this example:
which has been hitting my website.

I suspect a spammer uses Google AppEngine, but the same IP seem to be used by Google (see useragents).

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