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 Unmask Parasites
Author: C.Hall2   (20 Nov 09 7:17am)
I have found that checking our site with Unmask Parasites as a periodic security check for our site is throwing a 403 Forbidden and initiating the smelly.php link. As a result, Unmask Parasites then logs the site as <suspicious> because it detects a hidden link - a false positive. This is not good if other people are checking our site using this tool.

Unmask Parasites for some reason or another appears to have found itself in the ProjHP dabse. Is there any chance that you can remove this site from your dbase? My only other alternative is to remove the smelly.php link and I am reluctant to do this.

 Re: Unmask Parasites
Author: C.Hall2   (20 Nov 09 7:45am)
Problem resolved.

It appears that the IP of this domain is in the Google block of IPs. Therefore I have added this block of IPs to my whitelist.


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