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 Anon emails - can I help?
Author: A.E4   (31 Mar 09 5:50pm)
I noticed that if I had more than one domain I could donate one email domain to help stop spam but frankly I don't. I was looking at this however because I DO have Anonymous Email addresses.

Is there a way I can use this to help catch spam?

I have 4 available that I am not using right now and I can check easily. I am the only one who can check them however.

Thank you.
 Re: Anon emails - can I help?
Author: J.Brody   (2 Apr 09 9:23am)
If you can create a subdomain for the domain that you already have, you can still donate an MX.

For instance if you have you could create a subdomain called and then create the mx record for whatever.

It's how we do it for all our domains. I'm sure there are other ways ot course, this is just the way we do it and it does seem to catch 'em.
 Re: Anon emails - can I help?
Author: A.E4   (3 Apr 09 4:43pm)
won't spammers target my main domain if I did that? Or is it safe to domain a subdomain?

Like say if my site is and so I make a subdomain that is and donate .. would the spammers or harvesters ever try alternates and figure out that actually works?

I don't want to make a sub domain if I will get more spam in my top domain. Plus wouldn't this also use my space on my limited domain of 5Gb when it is already over 1/2 used up? Also what about bandwidth? I could not afford to become a target at this point (not working due to health issues).

*by the way the site mentioned is a made up example but medically based as my site is (first tried another but it was a real site so I didn't want to use it as an example). So this was the best I could come up with on the top of my head for an example (based on the type of spam I get) since I didn't want to post what my domain actually is in case it would cause me to be spammed.

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