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 QuickLinks for Forums / Message Boards?
Author: A.E4   (31 Mar 09 2:41am)
I was wondering if QuickLinks can be used for Forums / Message Boards at all?

There are a lot of direct links to my forums and a lot of spam due to a lot of down time and loss of members and hardly any new posts (other than mine). So I figure my forums are a perfect place to catch the harvesters and spammers due to I seem to really attract them (I have a medical site).
 Re: QuickLinks for Forums / Message Boards?
Author: M.Prince   (3 Apr 09 1:56pm)
Sure. Anywhere you can edit HTML you should be able to include a QuickLink. The more QuickLinks scattered around the internet, the more entry points there are to the existing network of honey pots.
 Re: QuickLinks for Forums / Message Boards?
Author: A.E4   (3 Apr 09 5:05pm)
What about putting them as a signature (invisible of course) on my forums?

For example:

[ u r l = / honey pot . p h p ][ img ] http://1x1px_image.gif [/ img ] [ / url ]

(spaced out just so you can see what I mean .. but of course wouldn't be spaced out in a signature on a forum).

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