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 Huge botnet
Author: S.Enbom   (30 Mar 09 7:47am)
There's a huge stupid botnet trying to post spam on a site that i administer. 28.000 different IPs in about a month. Over 1000 spamposts a day. Quite a lot of IPs.

Most IPs I google seem "clean", are not in the PHP database or any other RBL. Right now Mollom is catching ALL spam, but it would be nice to get them caught in PHP too, but they dont visit the honeypot, just /comment/reply...

Spam example:

Spam: 2 <A HREF="">generic cialis soft</A> or <A HREF="">codeine xanax</A> or <A HREF="">tramadol alcohol</A> or <A HREF="">buy phentermine adipex-p online</A> or <A HREF="">cialis free sample</A> or <A HREF="">cialis duration</A> or <A HREF="">cialis drug cialis</A> or <A HREF="">tramadol and asthma</A> or <A HREF="">tramadol from india</A> or <A HREF="">generic viagra new au</A> or <A HREF="">phentermine to buy</A> or <A HREF="

do not follow this link

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