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 Does Project Honey Pot Have Its Own Robot?
Author: B.Johnson13   (28 Mar 09 4:23pm)
I found out about Project Honey Pot through my web sites stats page under "Robots/Spiders visitors." One of the robots was titled "Java (Often spam bot)," and the link showed the following address:

Before this I had never been to the Project Honey Pot web site or even heard of it. So my question is, how in the world did this robot show up at the web site? Does Project Honey Pot send out its own robots line Google or MSN?

 Re: Does Project Honey Pot Have Its Own Robot?
Author: M.Prince   (3 Apr 09 1:58pm)
We do have a robot but it should only be seen visiting honey pots. We send it out to verify that the honey pot is up and running correctly. The useragent will always contain:

PHPot Verispider
 Re: Does Project Honey Pot Have Its Own Robot?
Author: A.E4   (3 Apr 09 5:17pm)
Ah so we shouldn't block then?
 Re: Does Project Honey Pot Have Its Own Robot?
Author: M.Prince   (4 Apr 09 12:48am)
No, you shouldn't block that IP, and that is the IP from which the Verispider is currently running. If you do, you'll keep the Verispider from checking your honey pot and that will cause your honey pot to deactivate.
 Re: Does Project Honey Pot Have Its Own Robot?
Author: V.Singhania   (15 Apr 09 1:10pm)
Hello frnds,
Project Honey Pot has been tracking spammers and email harvesters for more than two years. Tens of thousands of volunteers from more than 100 countries have participated in order to help clean up the Internet. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of people who have wanted to help have been unable to because they do not run their own web server. That problem ends today.

Vikas Singhania


Drug Intervention Missouri-Drug Intervention Missouri

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