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 Patience (previous harvester experiences)
Author: C.Kruslicky   (21 Nov 04 7:55pm)
I hope this project lasts as I find that the bulk email listers are in fact patient. I imagine that people who rely on a single email address would have no idea how or why their address was sold if this is common. An example:

In February and March of 2003 I had been getting many spams for bizoppsuccesss,com - only mentioned as a URL in the email bodies, but coming from various source networks and email addresses. Well, I had gotten so many emails advertising them, I started reporting each one to any admins I could track up the chain, sometimes 4 a day specifically regarding bizoppsuccesss. Every report went out with a unique email address, based on date and the whois info of the recipient. Two addresses started getting spam little over a year later that had been sent to the same contacts (lmihosting,com).

Another, less definitive example, is a set of emails I just got today. They were sent to 4 different addresses, each one sitting within hidden html comments throughout a website of mine. All include a contact of and are exact copies except for the recipient. The newest of these trap addresses was added in February this year (2004) - but it is possible they were harvested very recently.

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