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 Harvesters Caught
Author: J.Dahl   (4 Dec 08 12:59am)
I do not understand why the statistics here have never shown the harvesters I have caught. Granted it has not been a huge amount but I get an email telling me about it yet no credit here.
 Re: Harvesters Caught
Author: E.Geier   (12 Dec 08 6:52pm)
Well, for me it is the other way around. According to the stats I'm catching harvesters and comment spammers, but I've never seen a related e-mail, although I opted so.
Could it be that your stats count on mine, and that you get my e-mails? ;-)
 Re: Harvesters Caught
Author: M.Prince   (12 Dec 08 9:11pm)
The bug with the stats not updating was fixed recently.

The emails are only sent out when you catch a harvester/comment spammer that has never been seen before. Otherwise, we'd be sending tens of thousands or emails each day.

The more links you have to your honey pot, the more likely you'll land a first catch and see the email.

Thanks for your help with the Project.
 Re: Harvesters Caught
Author: J.Brody   (12 Feb 09 12:11pm)
Seems the bug might be back.... Had an email couple of days ago saying caught a new harvester, but no stats on dashboard to reflect that.

Post Edited (12 Feb 09 12:11pm)
 Re: Harvesters Caught
Author: D.Jacobs   (26 May 09 6:17pm)
Can you tell me how to find the origin of an incoming email from its's ISP address?
Thanks Dave
 Re: Harvesters Caught
Author: J.Dahl   (8 Dec 09 6:12pm)
That is not the point. Now I show 3 harvesters accredited to my MX and I am sure there are more. I got one today.

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