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 Recent Harvesters "Not Found"
Author: J.Healy   (13 May 08 3:39am)

Hi there,

Whenever I get an email advising that I've helped catch a harvester, I tend to look it up - just to learn a little about where it came form etc.

The last time I tried to look one up, I got the "the address you have specified does not exist in our database" page. So I figured there had been some sort of a false positive and the IP owner had already been in touch and all had been resolved.

This morning, the same thing happened with a different IP. This can't be coincidence, can it?

Has something broken on the IP lookup service?


 Re: Recent Harvesters "Not Found"
Author: J.Dahl   (2 Nov 09 1:44am)
I never get credit for harvesters caught. No one ever answers these questions.
 Re: Recent Harvesters "Not Found"
Author: M.Prince   (3 Nov 09 2:39am)
There's sometimes a delay between what appears on the website and the backend systems. If you check back later, the information should be updated.
 Re: Recent Harvesters "Not Found"
Author: C.Farag   (15 Dec 09 12:09pm)
hello this may sound strange but is there a track bot I can attach to an email download so that i may see who else opens my email. i intend to send the email to myself and see how many times and who opens it

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