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 Search Engine Link Spam
Author: B.Pyron   (30 Apr 07 6:07pm)
Honey Pot probably does not work for search engine link spam since it appears
to be a program a search engine might run rather than an "end user."

Mixed in with the latter pages on Google, Alltheweb and Altavists I have been
finding links triggered by my name in quotes that are obviously spam. The texts
of these links insert my name and my book name and a few lead to porno sites.
 Re: Search Engine Link Spam
Author: M.Prince   (30 Apr 07 6:19pm)
The cause of these spam messages that appear in search engines is often that comment spammers put links on blog sites. Search engines pick up these links and use them to rank websites.

Recently, Project Honey Pot has begun to track these comment spammers and the links they are promoting. See the following links for more information:

A search engine could, if they were interested, use the list of comment spammer URLs in order to give less weight to those links that are known to be posted by comment spammers. No search engines have approached us to use this data... yet. But we'd be open to talking with them.

Author: M.Valkeasuo   (16 Apr 08 7:36am)
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