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 2111 forum spammers
Author: P.Arentzen   (14 Nov 07 6:31pm)
Im running 2 forum boards. At One of the boards I've had catched more than 2100 spammers and harvesters.

I have installed a captcha, and if the digit-input box is empty when submit a post, spammers being banned pr. automatic and excluded form all pages of the board.

I have a lot of spammer IP's who isn't registered at, but I wants to share them with you in the fight against spam.

How does honeypot register forumspammers?

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 Re: 2476 forum spammers
Author: P.Arentzen   (28 Nov 07 11:32am)
I have now 2476 forum spammers banned. They are banned pr. auomatic, but how do i catch them?

On each post, theres a captcha with 5 digits. If the digit input-box is empty when submit, you'll be banned form all pages, which, of course, is clearly stated with text.

A human can read and understand that message, a bot cannot.
 Re: 2111 forum spammers
Author: D.Clerici   (7 Feb 08 5:18am)
I banned hundreds of IP by .htaccess , now I installed a simple script that use my httpBL key, so if the spammer is already known it goes to my quicklink page instead.

The ones who pass this controls fall in my antispammers trap, new users of my forum can't post links and the words they use are hard-checked, the post is blocked and an email is sent to me.

HttpBl seems to work, however some ours ago a known spammer succeded in entering the iste and spam, I guess if honeypot was down...

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