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 full headers on gmail?
Author: B.Shorney   (16 Aug 07 11:22am)
Is there any way to view the full header on a gmail email? I just got a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) from the postmaster at Apparently someone is using my gmail address to send spam. I've already reported it to gmail but would like to find the originating IP.

 Re: full headers on gmail?
Author: B.Shorney   (16 Aug 07 11:27am)
I just figured it out. Just had to look a little harder (I'm used to Yahoo mail)

To right of show details and Reply, press down-arrow icon for menu,
then select VIEW ORIGINAL. That will display header.
 Re: full headers on gmail?
Author: P.Hauser   (17 Aug 07 3:22pm)
A description of how to retrieve the email headers for the most common email client software or email http-services is at

At this time you can read there how to retrieve the header lines for the following services or software:

Agent, AOL, AT&T Message Center, Becky! Internet Mail, Blitzmail, cc:Mail, Claris Emailer, Compuserve, Elm, Emacs integrated mail, Entourage, Eudora, Exchange, Excite Webmail, Foxmail, Free Agent, Freeserve, GMail, Gnu integrated mail, Godaddy Webmail, Hotmail, IncrediMail, Internet Explorer, Internet News, Juno, Kmail/KDE Desktop, Lotus Notes, Lycos Mail (, Macintosh OS X Mail, Mail, Mail Warrior, Mailx, Microsoft Programs, Mutt, Netscape, Newswatcher, Novell Groupwise,, Operamail, Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook Express, Outlook Express for Macintosh, Outlook Web Access, Pegasus, Pine, PHPMailer, Pronto Mail (GTK/unix), StarOffice, The Bat!, Unix Programs, WebTV, Ximian Evolution, Yahoo! Mail,

GMail info will be found at

 Re: full headers on gmail?
Author: M.Katsma   (24 Oct 07 6:33am)
@ P. Hauser:

Thanks a lot for that!

When I advise people to report spam with full headers (like I do --not only-- here: they often ask how to show full headers, and in many cases I just don't know... now I can point them to that page!

I'm now going to update the site with that information - as well as with http:BL lookup to keep the harvesters away from the site... that's going to take a little white though. First thing will be to install some honey pot links. :)

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